On Management education & Development issues

As a global network of business schools and corporations, EFMD has been conveying the message to EU policy makers that during the past 50 years, management has emerged as a key “social technology”, evolving from a mere practice towards a discipline, with an increasing body of knowledge, supported by research. It provides the “tools” to achieve joint performance in institutions of all kinds.

To elaborate further, it is also crucial to note that, leaders, both in the public and private sectors, need to be equipped with excellent managerial competences, an international perspective, the ability to think critically, with a holistic vision of management and the role of business in modern society.

While reviewing the current EU policy and strategy design, the role of management seems to be neglected and therefore does not receive enough attention and resources. For instance, the latest FP7 Social Science and Humanities (SSH) funding report shows no concrete funding allocated to management research. Another example is that, for policy consultations in the fields of research and higher education, only very a few business schools are involved in the consultation process.

This missing link is dangerous, as the community of management education and research is one of the most important pools to educate future leaders in Europe. Accordingly, EFMD has been trying hard to raise the awareness on this subject. Together with deans and directors of European Business Schools, this white paper is therefore prepared as the strategy base for EFMD’s EU affairs related activities.

This paper demonstrates the important role that management education and research play in today’s global society. It is also a call to the public authorities, at both EU and national level, to focus more attention on the quality of management professions, in support of Europe’s competitiveness and innovation.

Four topics are covered to prove the strong relevance between management education and research and future EU policy and strategy design:

  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Social Cohesion
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Quality in Management Education and Research

Each section provides brief analyses with recommendations for further consideration of actions.

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