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Ahead of the 18-19 July Informal Competitiveness Council, EUROCHAMBRES and EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development) sent a letter to Ministers encouraging them to define a short-list of key actions that would stimulate and cultivate entrepreneurship across the EU.

They also provided a short list of specific recommendations including:

  • Embed the key competence ‘entrepreneurship’ into primary and secondary level education curricula;
  • Boost entrepreneurial training for students and other young people in education with the help of Structural Funds resources;
  • Ensure that all young people have at least one ‘entrepreneurial experience’ (e.g. mini-company, local community project etc) before they leave secondary school;
  • Integrate entrepreneurship education into vocational education and training (VET);
  • Ensure that entrepreneurship is a mandatory requirement in all technical studies, including at tertiary level, in all Member States;
  • Encourage the sharing and study of best entrepreneurial practices and the exploration of future practices by establishing national or regional research platforms with support of Structural Funds resources.

Competitiveness ministers will discuss the issue with European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani in the context of his forthcoming communication on entrepreneurship. EUROCHAMBRES and the EFMD insist that this new communication must complement rather than duplicate the Small Business Act.

The joint EUROCHAMBRES – EFMD submission is available on



EUROCHAMBRES – The Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry represents over 20 million enterprises in Europe – 93% of which are SMEs – through members in 45 countries and a European network of 2000 regional and local Chambers. www.eurochambres.eu

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EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development) is a leading international network of business schools, companies and consultancies (770 members across 82 countries) at the forefront or raising the standards of management education and development globally. www.efmd.org

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