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In September 2012, EFMD and ThinkYoung jointly responded to the consultation on the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan launched by the European Commission’s Direction-General Enterprise and Industry.

Both organisations welcome the current entrepreneurial policy developments and most of the measures proposed in the Action Plan. In particular proposals related to creating a European platform to share best practices and develop common models of entrepreneurship, as well as to embed entrepreneurial behaviours, skills and mind-sets into national/regional curricula at all levels of education.

Nevertheless, the two organisations believe that the education aspects of the Action Plan (section 2.16) should be further elaborated, as the current plan mainly addresses legislative and financial related measures.

Accordingly, four recommendations are also proposed:

  • To encourage practitioners to share insights with students by giving courses and seminars at school;
  • To encourage and improve the quality of IT and soft-skills related education from an early point (middle school);
  • To introduce academic courses from middle school preparing future entrepreneurs to understand that failure is part of success;
  • To support the development of entrepreneurial education via the investments from Structural Funds.

Via the proposed recommendations, EFMD and ThinkYoung look forward to contributing/enriching the education chapter of the Action Plan. Europe needs to be educating a new generation of entrepreneurs to be able to effectively respond and contribute to the future socio-economic transformation of the EU and the 2020 Action Plan has a key role to play in this

The joint EFMD-ThinkYoung submission is available on the EFMD website.

For further information, please contact jocelyne.wang@efmd.org


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